Cultivating Radical Joy, Sass & Magic in Everyday Life!

While sitting in the early morning desert sun, surrounded by friends who call each other “hussies,” it dawned on me that the decades-old, inside joke, of the legendary institution Pink Taco University needed to be more than an inside joke between girlfriends.

It needed to be a real, living, breathing finishing school for sassy ladies moving through life’s transitions.

Whether that be marriage, divorce, having a child, losing a child, becoming an empty-nester, moving across the country, changing careers mid-life, or any other milestones that have you questioning “WHO AM I NOW?”…

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “I USED TO HAVE FUN, WHAT HAPPENED?” - you are the perfect candidate for Pink Taco University.

It’s time to re-learn, re-imagine, re-align and re-create your beautiful being in this world NOW in this moment.

Not who you once were, not who you think others think you should be…

It’s time to get silly, get playful, dance, dress up and live YOUR life again, but better!

The best place to begin is my F R E E 8-Day Primer, Reclaim Your SPARKLE.

Leading armies of women to Self Love through Joy, Creativity & Play.

Nick crashes Bex's hula hoop dance performance with a question that will change her life forever!