High-touch service with VIP Private Coaching

Get your individual needs met with a private coaching relationship with Bex. 

Together we take a deep dive into your personal patterns in love, beginning with your immediate relationship, the relationship you have with yourself. 

Through dialogue, direct and interruptive feedback, experiential exercises, challenges, visioning, outlining steps and taking action, you will soon be kissing your old ways of being goodbye, and clearing the path for bright beautiful blessings; living the life you TRULY love living.

Book a complimentary Heart Tuning™ Call with Bex to learn more and confirm it's a perfect match! 


What you Get: 

  • One 90-min "Accelerator Call" at signing to set course of action


  • Two 50-min phone or video calls each month for 12 months


  • 1/2 VIP Day with Bex either virutally or live in person (travel not included) 


  • Unlimited voice text messaging support


  • Bonus calls with special guests  

What the ladies are saying...

"He showers me with love and I feel so thankful."

"A quote I will always remember is "Does he make you feel like a convenience or a priority?" And Jim totally makes me feel like a priority! He showers me with love and I feel so thankful."


— Austin, 26

"A woman who's on fire for life!"

“My guy better be prepared because he's going to be hit head on with a woman who's on fire for life with him!! Thanks, Bex!!”

— Tina, 60

"It feels like MAGIC!" 

“I rocked my BFD all over the Playa and found the most beautiful, deep, loving, playful, spiritual and mischievous connection with an incredible man.

It feels like magic. I feel no sense of gripping. It simply is. And it makes me glow.

Thank you for helping me believe again that this could happen to me.

Your grateful sister”

— Shelley, fabulous over forty