I thought I was cheating on true love.

I thought I was cheating on true love.

When I finally realized that what I wanted was deeply connected, lasting soulmate love, I was super hesitant to cast my net with an online dating profile.

I was SURE that I was meant to meet my Beloved OFFLINE, in person.

Maybe you feel the same way?

I didn’t feel like the caliber of man I was looking for was looking for extraordinary love online.

I certainly wasn’t meeting them, or encountering them, as I perused what was available!

I had had some less-than-extraordinary experiences meeting men online, and I didn’t want to waste anymore time or energy with online dating.

So I did what any powerful, independant, rockstar would do: Dive back into my work. At least THERE I could create powerful results!

But rather than closing down my accounts, I left one open.

Largely because I was too lazy to close it down completely;  but also because somewhere inside my consciousness I knew that my presence online got me in front of a much wider group of love potentials than my existing social circle, which I was trying to date outside of.

And then, as my work was coming to the crescendo of my biggest creative endeavor at that time, I received a soulful message from an extraordinary man, which, naturally caught my attention, and had me engaging.

After a few messages back and forth, he sent me three words and this photo.

“Is this you?”

Hobotech (134 of 190).jpg

As expected, I fell off my chair with amazement. (Why yes, duh, this IS me!)

How could this be possible?

As it turns out, two years before we connected online, Nick, an event photographer at the time, took this photo of me, a performer at the time, at a New Year’s Eve warehouse event we had both attended.

And, after deeper inspection, we discovered that we’d been dancing around each other at the same parties & events for nearly six years, all within the same social circle we were BOTH seeking to date beyond. (And we NEVER met!)

The reason I share this with you is because this is the pure, Divine magic that I could never have possibly imagined on my own.

Had I agreed with myself that online dating was “cheating on true love”, I may have disrupted the chances of Nick and I meeting at the very time we did.

Had I held on to my timeline, or how I wanted it to appear, or didn’t bother to LOOK UP from my passion-based work, there’s no doubt in my mind that I would have delayed our paths intersecting in the way they did.

I believe in magic. I believe in Divinity. I believe that there are no accidents, and if you desire great love, NOW is the time to fully make room in your life to receive it.