How Lady Gaga teaches us to never settle

Hey Gorgeous!

You may have heard / read from me that I’m taking a retreat from Love Coaching.  If this is news, let me fill you in… I’m taking pause to re-evaluate my offerings so as to include ALL of my gifts and talents, to serve my clients to the fullest on WHATEVER journey they are on, not just attracting love. (Read my last message about it here.)

That said, I’m still a softie and a love junkie to the core, so there’s no way I can’t share this message with you.

I’m also bonkers for Lady Gaga, and since her love life is in the spotlight currently, I thought I’d share how her situation can support your journey to love.

If you’re not a fan of Gaga or don’t care to hear speculation about celebrity-types, feel free to skip this one. 🤪

Rumors are flying high about the connection shared between Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, who co-starred in last year’s remake of A Star is Born. There was undeniable chemistry between them on screen, they gushed about each other during the film’s promo tour, and again, they appeared tender and intimate when they performed at the Oscars last month.


From the outside, it would be easy to suspect they had fallen in love.

Which I believe, they did … more on this in a moment. It’s not what you think!

To toss fuel on the fire of suspicion, Gaga, in her documentary Five Foot Two, mentioned that every career success she earns, she loses another romantic partner.

And in lock step with her pattern, shortly after she began winning awards this year for her song and her role in ASIB, she broke off her engagement to talent agent Christian Carino.

But here’s my take: this breakup is different.

This breakup with Christian isn’t like the breakups with the men of the past, where perhaps she felt stifled, or held back, or anchored in some way, as creatives often do in partnership.

What I think happened is that indeed, she fell in love with Bradley during filming. But not in the lust-fueled, high-intensity, short-term affair we know Hollywood can produce.

Rather, Bradley is her EVIDENCE guy.  He REPRESENTS what love CAN BE for her. He has the qualities, the creativity, the connection that her heart craves in life partnership, though, in her heart she knows they're not meant for each other. (He does have a life with another woman, after all!)

Gaga and Bradley connected through art, through creativity, and through sharing a unique experience they birthed together.  

I don't suspect she has yet to connect with her previous partners in this way,  and this is the element that changes everything.

My take, is that her decision to part with Christian was less about running away from being stifled or anchored, and more about running TOWARD a love that is as deep, connected, creative and profound as what she tasted working with Bradley.

Here’s why this is important to YOU: I’ve seen time and time again clients (as well as myself) falling HARD for someone who seems SO perfect, yet there’s an element of unavailability. And not only that, but misplacing energy and wasting precious time on a connection that is only meant to teach us for a moment.

Though, when we can shift that longing and pining for someone we can’t have, into inspiration of what love can actually look like and feel like, it’s not long before we call in the person who is right for us AND available.

Gaga got a taste of what love can be like through filming with Bradley, he raised the bar for her and the men she will accept into her heart from this point moving forward. He inspired her to never settle for anything less than extraordinary. Whereas her previous breakups seem to be riddled with heartache, I believe this one is ripe with possibility.

Sometimes the Extraordinary is more challenging or takes longer to attract, but I will tell you from first hand experience, it is well worth the wait!

So tell me, who have been the people on your journey who’ve taught you more and more of what love can be like?

Acknowledging these teachers along our path is just as important as the journey towards lasting love itself. In fact, these teachers are highlights that make the experience a journey in the first place!

I hope this inspires you today, and I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Infinite love to you,